Alpha Journal Pro

Alpha Journal Pro 6.0

Alpha Journal Pro is a powerful note-taking application for Windows

Alpha Journal Pro is a powerful note-taking application for Windows that can be used to store and manage any kind of information. Particularly designed as a journal or personal diary, the app provides a safe and user-friendly environment where you can scribble down your ideas, thoughts, observations, write about your days and memories.

Alpha Journal Pro comes with an interesting feature-set that includes from text formatting to security options. When you first launch the application, you will be asked to create a database, a file with the JDF extension that will store your diary entries. This database will be encrypted and protected with a password in order to ensure the privacy of your notes.

Two types of entries or notes can be created with the app: dated, by clicking any day in the calendar, and free-form entries that will not be attached to any particular date. Also, the application supports rich text so you can create lively notes using different fonts, colors, and styles. Likewise, it is possible to insert time and date stamps, links to other notes, and even pictures in several formats. Text content is auto saved by the app so you don't need to worry about losing information.

Entries in your journal are arranged into Sections, which are basically entry sets within a journal file. You can create as many sections as you need to organize your data, for example, recipes, general, work, etc. The entry tree panel and the calendar let you navigate through all your notes with ease, and a powerful search function enables you to quickly find any notes using keywords, filters, and search operators. Additional features include spell checker, journal backup, and restore options, as well as the possibility of synchronizing data with the Alpha Journal Web App Companion.

On the whole, Alpha Journal Pro is a powerful note taking application to handle any sort of information with ease and efficiency. It keeps your data secured and offers a wide range of features. It has a cost of $39.95 and a free trial version is available to download.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to use
  • Supports rich text
  • Organizes data in a way that is easy to find
  • Import, backup, and sync options


  • A right-click option to delete or rename entries would be nice
  • GUI looks a bit dated
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